A1 Telekom Austria Group

Teleport Aflenz

Your Gateway to the Entire World

Only a few providers across the globe have the knowledge and extensive experience to provide inexpensive and reliable worldwide communications via satellite. With over 40 years of experience in providing non-terrestrial communication, we are regarded as one of Europe's leading satellite service providers.

Our staff and its close cooperation with renowned partners allow us to offer satellite-based services reaching more than 80% of the world’s population. The station is connected to the A1 Telekom Austria Group fiber Backbone with PoPs in 47 countries worldwide.

Facts & Figures

Ann Tenna Keyvisual in Telekom Austria Group Footprint

  • One of Europe's largest satellite relay stations
  • Ultra-modern, high-tech satellite facility consisting of over 50 antennas on 6,500 m2
  • Transmission of customer data in digitized form at the speed of light -worldwide data transmission occurs within 400 milliseconds
  • Reference station for calibration and steering satellites – ESVA (Earth Station Verification Approval) & TVCSM Tests
  • Integral part of our international terrestrial backbone network
  • Access to orbital arc between 55° West to 85° East
  • Interference free location
  • NOC 24/7

A1 Telekom Austria Group's earth stations are state-of-the-art and guarantee best quality, security and integrity.

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