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A-Number Verification

Are you aware of the impact that Origin Based Billing has on your business and the fraudulent potential of A-number manipulation that comes with it? Origin Based Billing is a new phenomenon driven by European operators as an answer to the asymmetric development of termination rates within the EEA and the many countries outside it.  In this webinar we will explain what it means, how it works, and how manipulations can be detected.

Origin based billing, also called A-Number Billing, is one of the top fraud targets in the telecommunications industry.

Facts & Figures´╗┐

It's all about manipulating the a-number, where customers are affected with wrong CLI and operators with wrong billing information. In order to sort out this issue, A1 Telekom Austria Group reflects the market needs and actively supports A-number verification. We can help you to identify fraudulent traffic sources and shut the door for illegal CLI manipulation.

SIM Box Detection Service

SIM Box Detection Service is able to identify all SIM Box fraud known to the market by means of an active testing system that used the Telekom Austria Group's global SS7 and probe infrastructure.SIM Box Detection Service - business man, money & thief

Facts & Figures
  • Global testing infrastructure
  • Low testing recognition by fraudsters due to complex testing algorithm and innovative call and testing methods
  • False and Fast Answer Detection supported
  • Assigned project manager provides fast service integration within one week
  • Permanent service monitoring

Your Benefits
  • The global safeguard for your revenues and global minutes
  • Trial testing phase will convince you: highly flexible and effective service provided by true anti-fraud experts
  • Smart adaption to market specific needs
  • Possibility to interrupt service if this is needed

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