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Interfaces to the World

As a leading provider of telecommunications services in CEE we combine technology, local know-how and support within our footprint. Our seamless end-to-end fiber network supports Ethernet and MPLS. With three independent, protected routes, it also provides the safest connection in CEE.


EtherLink Services are managed Layer 2 connections with Ethernet interfaces. They can be used for interconnection between different customer premises and also for ISPs and resellers. With EtherLink services point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and VPLS services can be realized.

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With DigitalLink you receive highly available persistent data connections with fixed bandwidth that is always available for you. You get a bit-transparent data link with the highest quality, certified according to ISO 9000/2000, which we can offer you as a full service provider.

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Virtual Unbundled Local Loop

Access with high bandwidths, offering many opportunities for your own product design. This allows you, as an alternative operator, to offer attractive services on the retail market.

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Unbundled Local Loop

Outstanding flexibility in terms of product design. This allows you as an alternative operator to offer attractive services on the retail market.

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Simple "all-in-one"-data-product for "last-mile"-access with a wide range of bandwidths and included modem hardware for a fixed monthly fee

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IP Transit & IP Connectivity

IP Connectivity and IP Transit Service enables national and international IP-connectivity. The ISP connects directly with our system AS8477 and receives IP connectivity (IPv4 and IPv6 in dual stack).

KPN International IP Transit powered by TAG enables multi-homed connections of the ISP on more than 50 PoPs through the transportation via the TAG backbone.

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ISP Mobile

Mobile Wholesale product for technical and economic replication of A1 bundle products with mobile parts.

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These products are provided by A1 Telekom Austria AG