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IP Transit & IP Connectivity

IP Connectivity and IP Transit Service enables national and international IP connectivity. The ISP connects directly with our system AS8477 and receives IP connectivity (IPv4 and IPv6 in dual stack). KPN International IP Transit powered by A1 Telekom Austria Group enables multi-homed connections of the ISP on more than 50 PoPs through the transportation via the A1 Telekom Austria Group backbone.

Telekom Austria Group JetStream

Facts & Figures
  • Fully transparent service
  • 2 national peering connections
  • 4 international peering connections
  • 4 upstream providers
  • Redundant connection to the peering points
  • 3 service classes
  • Handovers of up to n*10Gbit/s

Your Benefits
  • Austrian-wide handover of traffic
  • Separated in national and international upstream
  • End-2-end management
  • High bandwidth quality service
  • Highly scalable bandwidth of 1MB up to n*10GB)

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