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CC Global Award
CC Global Award

2019 we won the renowned award in the "Best IOT Opportunity" category with a wide range of IOT based services like connected cars, health care, asset tracking, smart metering and smart city at the GCCM / CC-GLOBAL AWARDS 2019.

Global Awards

GTB Innovation Awards


GTB Innovation Award Winner

  • In 2017, the A1 Telekom Austria Group won the GTB Innovation Awards 2017 with “A-Number Verification Project". Find more infos here.

GTB 2017

  • In 2014, the A1 Telekom Austria Group won the GTB Innovation Award for our satellite product „Direct2home“, for more information click here.

GTB Innovation Award 2014

  • In 2013, the A1 Telekom Austria Group won the prestigious GTB innovation award in the category "Wholesale Service Innovation" for the successful launch of its "SIM Box Detection Service". For more detailed information about the awarded SIM Box Detection Service click here.


Eutelsat TV Awards


Eutelsat TV Award Winner 2014

Winner of the Eutelsat TV Award - for our innovative approach to Direct to Home broadcasting with A1 Telekom Austria Group's white label platform.  

Wholesale Eutelsat Award

Global Carrier Awards

Global Carrier Award Winner  2020 "Best European Project"

We are delighted to announce that the A1 Telekom Austria Group Wholesale team received the
Global Carrier Award 2020 in the Category “Best European Project” for “Dark Fiber”. The jury honored Dark Fiber from among 4 nominations as it demonstrates perfect coordination on the part of A1 between several countries, enabling the Group´s customers to start operating their network within 18 months. Read our press release.


Global Carrier Award Winner 2018 "Best OTT Partnership"

A1 Telekom Austria Group won the prestigious Global Carrier Award in the "Best OTT Partnership" category with our newly developed Carrier Billing Platform. We were represented with five nominations this year: 'Best Pan-European Wholesale Carrier', 'Best Marketing Team', 'Best OTT Partnership', 'Best Voice Service Innovation on Mature Markets' and 'Best Data Service Innovation on Mature Markets'. 

Read our press release.



Global Carrier Award Winner 2013 "Campaign of the Year" & Nomination in 2 other Categories

The Telekom Austria Group won the Global Carrier Award 2013 "Campaign of the Year" for its SIM Box Detection Service.

Furthermore, the Telekom Austria Group was shortlisted for the international Global Carrier Awards in the following 2 categories:

  • best pan-European wholesale carrier
  • best service innovation

 Capacity Award Shortlistings 2013, "best-pan-european-wholesale-carrier", "campaign-of-the-year" & "best-service-innovation"

MEF Certification


MEF Certification in the Entire CEE Area for our Ethernet product portfolio- according the CE2.0 standard

MEF Certifizierung

ISO Certifications


To provide our customers with highest quality and the latest technical know-how, the A1 Telekom Austria Group is certified according to the following standards:


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