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Adriatic Coast? The highest peaks of the Austrian Alps?
… Unlimited possibilities over SAT

Expansion of the partnership with Eutelsat allows a 100% Internet coverage throughout the A1 Telekom Austria Group Footprint and enables broadband, voice telephony and TV services.


Based on Eutelsat Tooway broadband services, A1 Telekom Austria Group can now reach remotely located areas across our operating footprint, that so far have had no access to our Internet infrastructure. SAT broadband is a perfect supplement to our existing network infrastructure as it allows us to meet the existing additional demand for Internet coverage. In Austria, for instance, the number of buildings that are not covered by the A1 communications infrastructure and have therefore no DSL-based Internet access is estimated to amount to roughly 1%. In the concerned areas, like for instance frontier zones and mountain regions, the nearest A1 switching center or the closest mobile base station are too far away to enable broadband Internet. In order to be able to provide these remotely located households and businesses with Internet access, from now on, A1 - jointly with its partner Eutelsat - is going to offer broadband Internet via satellite connection.

Facts & Figures

  • Bandwidth of up to 20Mbps downstream
    and 6Mbps upstream     
  • Included data volume starting at 2GB per month and available up to 100GB per month
  • Tooway is a bi-directional and operates via two geostationary Eutelsat satellites 
  • Equipment consists of small dish (77 cm) & modem
  • Service operates without need for a fixed telephone line
  • Triple-Play possibility with double LNB to receive SAT TV signals
  • Voice over IP with prioritization and QoS
  • Eutelsat KA-SAT satellite on 9°E

Your benefits – Broadband internet everywhere, anytime

  • High-speed broadband internet connection regardless of the location
  • Triple-play option, enabling you to receive SAT TV-signal via double-LNB
  • Internet access through KaSat Tooway
  • Television through TAG’s White Label DTH - at 16 Degree East
  • Installation of user equipment is carried out by an A1 Telekom Austria Group’s qualified installer
  • Affordable and competitive pricing
  • High-performant and easy-to-install end-customer equipment


You are interested in our products?
Our Sales Team is happy to help!


You are interested in our products?
Our Sales Team is happy to help!


These products are provided by A1 Telekom Austria AG