Internet for All in Salzburg

Salzburg, 27 February 2013

Almost all households in Austria can be provisioned with Internet. However, there are still people who cannot take advantage of the chances the Internet offers. The aim of the initiative "A1 Internet for All" is to make the entry into the digital world easier for people, raise their media literacy and thus increase their personal chances. Roughly 25,000 course participants to date took part in more than 1,700 workshops in courses run by a dedicated A1 staff of approximately 400, to learn how to use and explore the World Wide Web. Now the initiative is also being launched in Salzburg with its own, permanent training center.

A1 Internet for All with Fixed Location in Salzburg
As of February 27, 2013 Internet courses will take place weekly in the A1 shop at Kranzlmarkt 4 in Salzburg. The free courses are oriented towards different target groups: children, parents, seniors and new Internet users, who on Wednesdays will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the wide world of the Internet. They will be supported and accompanied by Kinderbüro of the University of Vienna, by and by the A1 staff. The A1 shop in Salzburg is the third permanent training center for the initiative after the opening of the “A1 Internet for All” campus in Vienna on October 2011 and in Klagenfurt in 2012.

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