Telekom Austria Group: The Future is Now. The Telekom Austria Group to connect staff with Telco Experts at the Artificial Intelligence Day 2017

Vienna, 04 May 2017
  • Some 18,000 employees from the entire Telekom Austria Group are made fit for the challenges of the future and the demands of a new digital business world
  • International telcos and start-ups discuss new business models, the demands they place on employees and trends in the telecoms industry
  • ICT industry makes an important contribution to societal development

AI Day is a platform for sharing knowledge between staff and international telecommunications experts
The Artificial Intelligence Day is a platform created by the Telekom Austria Group at which international hot shots like Google, Microsoft and IBM as well as start-ups such as AdScanner and Invenium present the future of artificial intelligence.
The main factors driving the current disruption of entire business models and massive changes to the economy are the rapid developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). No vision is so bold that it will not become reality in future: driverless cars, intelligent computers, smart household appliances and much more besides are scenarios that are already taking place today.

ICT industry makes a valuable contribution to societal change
"The Telekom Austria Group is driving the digital revolution with a powerful network infrastructure and as a socially responsible company includes products in its portfolio that offer added value to society. Innovative information and communication technologies together with products and services based on them can make a valuable contribution to social development. They enable equal access to information and knowledge, and promote democratic participation and state-of-the-art education and health systems," said Sascha Zabransky, Director Group Technology & Future Services, Telekom Austria Group, about future challenges.

To generate awareness of these future trends among its own employees, the Telekom Austria Group launched Artificial Intelligence Day, where a wide range of scenarios are discussed and analyzed from a variety of perspectives in key note presentations and panel discussions.

Some 140 members of staff from the entire Telekom Austria Group were invited to Vienna, where they had the opportunity to deepen and broaden their skills and knowledge about chatbots, future business models and organizational development at panel discussions with experts and in speakers' corners. Subjects of discussion included how AI would influence the network infrastructure of the future, how cognitive intelligence can enrich our daily business life, new possibilities for customer service using AI or how machines can learn via telecommunications infrastructure. The other members of staff could follow the most important discussions and key note speeches via live streams.

IBM – how cognitive intelligence can enrich daily business life
Overabundance and exponential growth are the main drivers of the current industrial change based on increased data, information, knowledge and online skills that will alter the world dramatically in the period up to 2025. This will be not just a technological but also a societal evolutionary process. How will these exponential quantities of knowledge and data be used in the future? One possibility could be the cognitive solutions already being tested in a number of projects throughout Europe that allow new opportunities for businesses as well as positive impacts for society. It is also important that we know how we will interact with our IT systems in future, also when they are no longer on tablets or smartphones. IBM is investing in Watson and Watson IoT Solutions to stimulate new strategies in daily business life.

DEEPSEARCH – Analytic customer communications system that adjusts to companies' needs
DEEPSEARCH is a Vienna-based software company with a focus on cognitive computing that has specialised in Natural Language Understanding (NLU). It therefore presented new ways of communicating with customers at the AI Day.

An expert system can analyze customer communication and adapt it to suit individual corporate requirements. Whether the customer writes an e-mail, calls customer service or contacts a chatbot or a self-service portal, the analytic tool DEEP.assist can interpret the message and make swift decisions as to how the customer communication can best be dealt with.

This year's Telekom Austria Group AI Day 2017 was attended by the following companies: Facebook, Google, IBM, Tata, AdScanner, Invenium, Deepsearch, BRZ, Hexaware, Infosys, Propellari and TheVentury.xt

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