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Telekom Austria Group wins GTB Innovation Awards 2017 with “A-Number Verification Project” and “AdScanner Marketing Cockpit”

Vienna, 24 May 2017

The Wholesale team of the Telekom Austria Group has taken home the coveted award in the category Wholesale Service Innovation for its innovative A-Number Verification project. The Global Telecoms Business Awards were presented yesterday evening in London.

Each year Global Telecoms Business honours the most innovative and successful projects carried out in partnership by operators and vendors. On the evening of the award ceremony, the best projects, including the Telekom Austria Group's Wholesale A-Number Verification project, were presented as showcases.

A-Number manipulation is one of the most frequent types of fraud in the telecoms industry. Manipulating the A-number is very easy for fraudsters and providers can lose money as a result. A-Number Verification from Wholesale is a unique solution that enables measures to be taken to prevent this fraudulent practice. With the development of this service, the Telekom Austria Group is taking an important step towards preventing fraud within the telecommunications industry.

Throughout the entire development process, the Wholesale team focused on the needs of the customer and produced an innovative marketing concept. In webinars on the website, the target group can explore the issue of A-number billing and manipulation in greater detail. The complex products are explained in a way that appeals to the target group emotionally in simple cartoon-style videos. Decision-makers from other providers are made aware of the problem and at the same time are offered a solution. In this way, the Telekom Austria Group makes an important contribution to solving potential fraud cases.

"As A-number manipulation is a major problem for all telco providers, the Telekom Austria Group has created a new and unique service that protects decision-makers at other providers from all types of A-number manipulation. We have already detected several connections with a manipulation rate of 100% using A-Number Verification" said Franz Bader, Director Wholesale & International Business, Telekom Austria Group.

AdScanner also won the coveted award
In the category "Software & Applications" AdScanner Marketing Cockpit with IPTV data from A1 took home the coveted GTB award. The start-up with its innovative service has been based at the A1 Start-Up Campus since December 2016. AdScanner has developed a system to detect and analyse TV adverts which searches all television channels for adverts which then are visualised in dashboards. In addition, TV performance values are integrated on the basis of a TV client panel of 4,000 A1 households whose TV viewing patterns are measured. This makes it possible to identify the coverage, including socio-demographic features, of each spot. The tool allows advertisers to optimise their TV strategies, track the competition and thus achieve greater transparency and speed.

About Wholesale
Telekom Austria Group Wholesale is Austria's leading provider of telecommunications services and an integrated and convergent operator of smart information and communication solutions that holds a leading position in the CEE region. Its portfolio covers voice, data and IP services as well as global satellite and mobile communications solutions. The Group offers proven specialist expertise, flexible and customised solutions as well as prompt fault repair for roaming, signalling solutions, GRX/IPX services and fraud detection and much more besides.

GTB Innovations Award 2017
GTB Innovations Award 2017

Credits: © 2017 Telekom Austria Group
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