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Telekom Austria Group M2M digitizes PORR AG’s Construction Machinery: Austria’s biggest telematics project brings lasting savings through preventative maintenance

Vienna, 20 May 2016
  • As digitization advances, the construction industry is also benefiting from the digital trend
  • Telekom Austria Group M2M and Telematics specialist CEplus offer industry-specific asset tracking solutions with comprehensive support systems for use in large companies

Digitization is increasingly pervading all sectors of trade and industry. Reliability, ease of use and falling prices for technology and M2M connectivity as well as new business models are driving this trend that is increasingly spreading through every aspect of our lives.

Something that has long been considered state-of-the-art in the transport and logistics industry (fleet management) is now finding its way into the construction industry in the form of asset tracking. Vehicles, machinery and all kinds of other equipment are being electronically recorded by GPS tracking and sensor technology and the data transmitted in real time by M2M communication. The added value for companies is obvious. Processes and work flows in the field are made more transparent and so can be planned more efficiently and optimized. Capacity utilization levels and maintenance status are identified early on with the result that unplanned downtime and the costs this creates are reduced. Misuse and theft are detected in real time, resolved or even prevented.

Support with Everything from Planning to the Pilot Phase and the Roll-Out

High maintenance costs for machinery caused by imprecise maintenance cycles, the coordination of maintenance work and manual work were crying out for a solution. The aim of the project was to optimize the maintenance schedule by correctly recording the mileage and operating hours of construction vehicles and machinery in real time. In autumn 2014 the Telekom Austria Group's M2M team and Upper Austrian telematics specialist CEplus (www.ceplus.com) launched a pilot project for PORR Equipment Services. After being trialed in 100 vehicles the system is now being taken into regular operation and has already been installed in several thousand vehicles and machines.

"Although industry 4.0 is a buzzword that everyone is talking about, it is difficult for many companies to implement and use it efficiently. As well as the technical functions of the solution, thorough planning of the changed operating processes, the accompanying support systems and integration into the existing IT environment are at least just as important if it is to be used effectively. We are delighted that the project has been successfully implemented in such a challenging environment with PORR as a pioneer in Construction 4.0.", said Phat Huynh, Managing Director of Telekom Austria Group M2M, commenting on the successful implementation of the international asset tracking project for PORR Equipment Services.

Centralized Coordination of the Roll-Out through an Innovative Installation App

More than 1,000 vehicles at 30 locations in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic are being fitted with the system every month. Before the roll-out began, PORR's own installation staff was trained in a train-the-trainer concept. The employees are guided through the process step-by-step by an innovative installation app. This provides them with tips and information from previous installations by their colleagues and records the entire process for quality assurance by means of photo documentation.

"Our fleet and machinery stock comprises a wide range of models from different manufacturers. They include the very latest purchases as well as existing equipment of varying ages. We were looking for a centralized solution that was compatible with all types of plant and equipment and which is so easy to use that it can be installed and taken into service by our employees on site after brief training. The multi-lingual, international roll-out during the short winter season would not have been possible without the installation app and Telekom Austria Group M2M's roll-out planning system", said Werner Zenz, Managing Director of PORR Equipment Services GmbH.

All from One Source

Together with the Upper Austrian telematics specialist CEplus, Telekom Austria Group M2M offers an extensive portfolio of fleet management and asset tracking solutions. A modular system consisting of a board computer with an in-built M2M SIM card, sensors and installation accessories, backend software and frontend applications can be flexibly configured and also adapted to meet customer-specific requirements.

As a cloud service, the solution can already be used for fleets comprising one or more vehicles. Big companies often use additional support systems such as the central roll-out planning, the portal for works councils and integration into existing IT systems. In this case, customers receive everything from planning and implementation to regular operation in the A1 computer center, from a single source.
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  • Porr Telematics Project
  • Porr Telematics Project
  • Porr Telematics Project

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