Telekom Austria Group confirms partnership with Payner Media for distribution of popular Bulgarian TV channels Planeta HD and Planeta Folk

Vienna, 24 June 2015
  • Partnership will reach entire Central and Eastern European regions

Telekom Austria Group today announced it has signed a three year contract for use of its technical satellite distribution platform with Payner Media – the owner of Bulgaria´s leading music channels.

The agreement with Payner Media includes the availability of its popular channels Planeta HD and Planeta Folk for households and PAY TV operators across the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, via PAY TV platforms of the Group (Cable, IPTV, DTH), as well as third party PAY TV operators using the Eutelsat 16 as the contribution platform.

As part of the agreement, Telekom Austria Group will offer open simulycrip to other DTH PAY TV operators on Eutelsat 16, or neighboring satellite positions, with its own earth station in Aflenz - the uplink facility, and international backbone with the largest fiber network in Europe. Planeta is another partnership in a series of new announcements, covering deals with 11 media companies and 27 thematic channels targeting the whole CEE region.

Stefan Amon, Director Wholesale A1 Telekom Austria, commented on this new agreement: "I am proud to announce an agreement with Payner Media and the popular Bulgarian music channels Planeta HD and Planeta Folk, enabling us to break through Bulgarian boundaries and deliver new and high quality thematic content to a wider CEE region. The channels are covered by Bulgaria´s Mobiltel and A1´s IPTV in Austria and are specifically designed to target the Balkan diaspora across Europe."

Payner Media delivers its own music production of ethnical pop and folk music and established channels Planeta HD as the first Bulgarian TV in HD format on local media market in 2010 and Planeta Folk in 2007, which are now amongst the most popular and leading Bulgarian TV channels.

"I am very happy that our partnership with Telekom Austria Group deepens and extends beyond Bulgarian borders. Since 2004, we have successfully been cooperating with Bulgarian Mobiltel but after signing the agreement with Telekom Austria Group our most successful Bulgarian music television channels will reach most of European audience via the DTH satellite service, as well as through IPTV. This opens new possibilities for the development of our television business", said Mitko Dimitrov, manager of "Payner Media" Ltd.

Payner Media's Planeta HD broadcasts a variety of television shows, such as musicals, documentaries, educational and general thematic programs. This includes mainly Bulgarian productions like music videos, concerts, musical programs and television shows, which depict different aspects of musical life. Planeta HD enjoys a great audience rating, both in Bulgaria and Macedonia, as well as in Albania, Turkey, Greece, Republic of Serbia, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine.

Planeta Folk embodies the diversity and beauty of Bulgarian folklore, customs, preserved traditions, daily life and mentality of the Bulgarians. The program is predominantly filled with musical shows and concerts with Bulgarian folk music from all folklore regions in the country. Planeta Folk also offers intriguing educational and cultural programs, revealing the beauty of Bulgaria, its historical and cultural heritage, and also the current trends in the development of culture and art. The channel is especially popular abroad among Bulgarian emigrants in Europe, North America and Australia.

Notes to the Editors
Telekom Austria Group´s Wholesale Media and Broadcast Department acts as a global partner when it comes to Satellite services. Only a few providers across the globe have the knowledge and extensive experience to provide inexpensive and reliable worldwide communications via satellite. With over 40 years of experience in providing non-terrestrial communication, the Group is regarded as one of Europe's leading satellite service providers. The satellite business includes Broadband & Teleport Services, IP & Network Services and Broadcasting Services. The Group acts as direct link to 75 million households in the CEE region and is the shortcut to the Pay-TV world.

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