The Telekom Austria Group Signs “Fenercell Austria" as a New MVNO of Austrian Subsidiary A1

Vienna, 27 March 2015
  • Fenercell Austria becomes a new branded reseller in the A1 network
  • Telekom Austria Group is selected as the ideal partner for Fenercell Austria, due to its longstanding experience in the telecommunications industry
  • Turkish football club Fenerbahce Istanbul, launches a tailor-made 'fan tariff' product for Turkish football community in Austria

The wholly-owned subsidiary of Turkish football club Fenerbahce, makes its commercial debut on the Austrian telecommunications market with new MVNO Fenercell Austria. Its fan tariff is designed for the approximately 40,000 Turkish-speaking Fenerbahce fans in Austria, who represent one of its strongest football communities outside Turkey.

Fenercell has selected A1, the domestic subsidiary of the Telekom Austria Group, to provide the mobile infrastructure and enable the commercial launch of the MVNO's mobile communication offering in Austria. This will include the provision of all necessary network components, to relevant billing and invoicing services. All marketing and sales activities will be directly carried out by Fenercell. The company's market entry in Austria is based on a clearly defined target group and if it proves successful, A1 will look for additional partnerships with MVNOs looking to reach very specific consumer groups.

"Thanks to our longstanding experience as a leading telecommunications provider in the CEE area, which offers its customers tailor-made solutions, and with A1 as the Group's domestic subsidiary, we act as a dependable partner for Fenercell Austria on the Austrian market," said Stefan Amon, Director Wholesale Telekom Austria Group, commenting on the new MNVO.

"Based on this future partnership, Fenercell will enable tailor-made telephone services, building a bridge between the Austrian Fenerbahce fans and Turkey. In order to meet the demand of our Turkish football fans abroad, Fenercell's partnership with A1 and its market entry in Austria marks a first important step towards connections in Europe," said Hakan Demir, General Manager Fenercell.

The 'fan tariff' will mean customers can reduce their SIM cards from two to one, typically they are using one SIM card for domestic calls and the second to call their home country. Whereas, with Fenercell's special tariff scheme, customers only need one SIM card to fulfill their communications needs moving forward.

Thanks to Fenercell Austria, Fenerbahce Istanbul's special fan tariff is now made available via the A1 network. This new branded reseller in the network of A1 is easily reached through the dialing code 0688/1907 (1907 is the founding year of Fenerbahce) and its main target-group is the Turkish community in Austria. It offers two prepaid offerings providing low cost tariffs for calls to Turkey and within the EU, along with a SIM card and starter package design inspired by Fenerbahce Istanbul and special promotions for Fenerbahce fans. Fenercell is now available in Austria, all tariff details can be found at

Notes to the Editors

Telekom Austria Group´s Wholesale Media and Broadcast Department acts as a global partner when it comes to Satellite services. Only a few providers across the globe have the knowledge and extensive experience to provide inexpensive and reliable worldwide communications via satellite. With over 40 years of experience in providing non-terrestrial communication, the Group is regarded as one of Europe's leading satellite service providers. The satellite business includes Broadband & Teleport Services, IP & Network Services and Broadcasting Services. The Group acts as direct link to 75 million households in the CEE region and is the shortcut to the Pay-TV world.

About Fenercell

Fenercell is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Turkish football club Fenerbahce Istanbul and started its commercial operations on February 23, 2009. In Turkey, Fenercell has been very successful with its service portfolio (including both prepaid and postpaid telephony services, mobile Internet and special offers for the football community such as football tickets, t-shirts and discounts, etc.). At present, over 1 million people are using Fenercell SIM cards.

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