Telekom Austria Group Expands Its International Etherlink Footprint in UK and Turkey with Three New PoPs

Vienna, 30 January 2015

The Telekom Austria Group has today announced that it has expanded its international Etherlink footprint by establishing three new points of presence (PoPs) in London and Istanbul.

International Carrier Ethernet enables the efficient interconnection of multiple company locations. This means that multinational corporations are able to interconnect their business premises across different countries with flexible scalable bandwidths. These Ethernet connections are designed to provide network redundancy and therefore guarantee a high level of fault tolerance and increased efficiency, as demonstrated by performance reporting.

"Over the past few years, Telekom Austria Group Wholesale has developed into a Pan-European carrier. I'm therefore particularly delighted to be able to announce the further expansion of our footprint at the very start of this new business year. With the three new PoPs in London and Istanbul, we are laying the foundations for the worldwide connections of our customers", said Stefan Amon, Director Wholesale at the Telekom Austria Group.

London is especially of high strategic importance as it hosts numerous American, European and Asian providers, allowing the Telekom Austria Group to ensure rapid, smooth and simplified interconnections. As a result, globally operating customers can now reach their UK and Turkey-based corporate locations in a more rapid and efficient manner.

In Turkey, the Telekom Austria Group collaborates with Turkish provider, Turkcell Superonline, where foreign investments play a pivotal role. "Our main goal is to enable multiple access to the Turkish market", said Emre Erdem, Deputy General Manager at Turkcell Superonline, stressing the importance of the investments made by global players such as the Telekom Austria Group. Erdem is particularly delighted about the newly established cooperation as it allows it to continue this trend, while enabling the Turkish provider to further push ahead with its plan to turn Istanbul into a world capital of the Internet.

Customers can now profit from the Telekom Austria Group's high-quality Ethernet product portfolio, which fulfills the high quality standards of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). The company was the first carrier in Central and Eastern Europe to achieve MEF CE2.0 certification, with two of the three service classes E-Line, E-LAN und E-Access being subject to thorough scrutiny.

Additional advantages offered by the Telekom Austria Group's Ethernet network include:

  • End-to-end interconnection of multiple geographically separated company locations via the company's Ethernet network;
  • LAN-like communication between different business premises thanks to the connection to the Telekom Austria Group backbone network;
  • Minimization of equipment and installation costs;
  • Flexible and efficient up/down-grading of Ethernet services (bandwidths raging between 2 and 1000 Mbit/s);
  • High level of fault tolerance and process optimization (up to 99.9%) through performance reporting and corresponding SLAs.

 On a global level, the Telekom Austria Group has one of the largest Etherlink footprints with a total of 200 PoPs in 47 different countries of the world.

Etherlink Footprint
Etherlink Footprint

International Etherlink Footprint of the A1 Telekom Austria Group

Credits: © 2015 A1 Telekom Austria Group
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