Vip mobile starts media literacy initiative for senior citizens

Vienna, 12 August 2014

As a part of the digital literacy course for senior citizens, the first free "Vip Digital Workshop for Senior Citizens" has been launched. Vip mobile organized the workshop in cooperation with the Organization for Intergenerational Cooperation 35+, City of Belgrade Pensioners' Organization and the Third Age Movement of Serbia.

Workshop SeniorInnenThe workshop took place from July 22th to July 26th at the Vip mobile's sales center in the center of Belgrade and is designed to give senior citizens an opportunity to master the basic skills of using a computer, Internet, social networks and various digital devices.

Dejan Turk, CEO from Vip mobile: „Modern technologies have replaced the classical means of communication a long time ago. Today there are many ways to get in touch with your family and friends at home or abroad in a more simple and faster way. We believe that it is necessary to organize this type of trainings in order for the senior citizens to be able to acquire the necessary knowledge and take advantage of many benefits of the age in which we live"

Within the workshop, senior citizens have the opportunity to learn about the world of modern technologies in a pleasant atmosphere and to see for themselves that using modern technologies is easier than it seems. "Vip's Digital Workshop for Senior Citizens" consists of eight modules covering the following areas: introduction to information technology through examples from everyday life; writing programs, text documents; Internet; e-mail correspondence; social networking; internet telephony and use of tablet devices and smartphones.

All participants of the workshop will get a complete set of materials and at the end they will receive certificates of successful completion of the training. This project represents a concrete step towards the integration of senior citizens while focusing on their active participation and expression of creative and imaginative abilities. A further step to break down prejudices about the unbridgeable generation gap was made.

Media Literacy in the Telekom Austria Group

The Telekom Austria Group is not only committed to setting up and expanding communication infrastructure in the eight countries in which it has. It has also launched several social initiatives that enable people to obtain more sophisticated access to the digital knowledge society and give them equal opportunities in interacting with the digital world. The first and biggest initiative in this area was launched in Austria in October 2011 with the title "A1 Internet for All". Similar programmes and initiatives are also offered by other subsidiaries of the Telekom Austria Group. These range from training courses for school classes of employees' children in the Republic of Macedonia, which were held for the first time in 2013, to cooperation with nationwide initiatives such as Symbiozia for senior citizens in Slovenia. In the Republic of Serbia, trainings for children have been held since 2011 in the course of the cooperation with the Children Cultural Center in Belgrade.
Over the course of 2014, the Telekom Austria Group plans to expand the individual initiatives even further.

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