Telekom Austria Group wins award for CSR initiative

Vienna, 01 April 2014
  • Cycling- project „velocity“ of the belarussian operational company velcom wins award for the best CSR project 2013
  • Telekom Austria Group focuses on CO2-reduction by specific measures
  • Initiative is part of the new sustainability strategy of the Telekom Austria Group

“Velocity”, a CSR project of the Belarussian operational company of the Telekom Austria Group is acknowledged as the best CSR project being nominated in “Interaction with local community”. The cycle initiative of velcom started last year in June. The long-term project is aimed at the development of cycle infrastructure in the cities of Belarus and setting up handy bicycle parkings, working out and going on unique cycle tours around interesting and non-tourist places. The initiative of organizing the Award belongs to the International socio-economic foundation Idea in partnership with foundation Pontis (Slovakia) with the assistance of European Commission.

We are very proud of this award for one of our many CSR activities. The cycling project proves the practical benefits and the effectiveness of our new strategic orientation.

Petra Gallaun

Head of CSR Telekom Austria Group and A1

On the first stage four regional centers (Gomel, Brest, Grodno and Minsk) were chosen as the grounds for the project implementation. Each cyclist and resident of the city got the opportunity to influence personally the amount and places of setting up bicycle parkings in their cities, to identify the sights to be included in the unique alternative cycle tours. According to the results of the project 80 bicycle parkings were set up, 1350 people became the participants of quest cycle races, 16 cycle tours were held in which 676 people took place.

Besides, a free mobile app velocity for Android OS and iOS was designed. Downloading it it's easy to find bicycle parking in the city, communicate with like-minded people, be aware of Belarussian cycle life and go with your friends to the unique cycle tours. A social network as well as the website became the grounds for communication.

Clear focus on CO2 reduction by specific measures

The project velocity is targeted at CO2-reduction in the cities of Belarus and complements the program of meauseres of the Telekom Austria Group in this matter. Other initiatives include the provision of electric bikes, segways and free bicycles by the operational company A1 in Austria and si.mobil in Slovenia. Moreover, the formation of car pools is supported by A1 in Austria and Vipnet in Croatia.

The CSR strategy of the Telekom Austria Group is characterized by a strategic reorientation compared to 2012: based on a materiality analysis four main fields of action were identified, which encompass those corporate areas that are particularly relevant for the sustainable development of the Group and are oriented towards a clear focus on the company's core business.

The field of action "Providing Responsible Products" presents the innovative application possibilities of safe and high-performance communication networks and their positive effects on environment and society. The field of action "Living Green" illustrates concrete corporate measures and programs for the steady reduction of the Telekom Austria Group's ecological footprint. The field of action "Empowering People" describes how the company is effectively promoting its employees. Last but not least, the field of action "Creating Equal Opportunities" embraces the numerous initiatives carried out by the single operating companies of the Group aimed at fostering equal opportunities in the digital world.

The fields of action are combined with an extensive set of measures and key indicators such as, for instance, increasing the percentage of women in both the workforce and in management positions across the Group to 35% and achieving a 20% increase in energy efficiency group-wide by 2015 as well as achieving the 100,000 attendee mark for media literacy training workshops by 2016.

You can find more information on the CSR strategy of the Telekom Austria Group in its sustainability report.

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