Machine-to-Machine Communication

The internet has increasingly influenced our lives over the past decade, making communication more accessible than everbefore. As we become increasingly connected, we bridge the gap imposed by time or distance by replacing them with technological advancement such as mobile devices or fixed linecommunication. Indeed technology has changed the way we connect to the world – improving not only interpersonal communication, but also communication with or between machines.

Machine-to-Machine Communication

This machine-to-machine communication (M2M) refers to the automated transfer of data among machines, devices, sensors and central servers with the purpose of remotely monitoring and controlling them, with or without human interaction. With the availability of affordable technology and ever increasing ubiquity of connected services, within the next decade billions of devices will be connected via the internet.

Have you ever wondered...

  • how to optimize your processes and save costs?
  • how to manage your devices requiring maintenance or refills in the field?
  • how your decisions can benefit from real-time data?
  • how to manage a considerable number of workforce offsite?
  • how to efficiently operate a substantial number of vehicles?
  • how availability and transparency of valuable information can be improved by tracked location or measured information?
  • how to make your facilities or subsidiaries more efficient and save resources in the meantime?

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Telekom Austria Group M2M

At Telekom Austria Group M2M we provide end-to-end M2M solutions tailored to your needs. From off-the-shelf products to highly customized solutions and services, we guarantee competitive pricing and reliable performance. Our dedicated experts and state-of-the-art technologies cater to your specific needs.

We have a strong regional presence in Central and Eastern Europe, a vast international network of strategic partners and roaming coverage in over 200 countries. With the best network coverage, a globally leading M2M platform, regular reports, fraud protection and notification mechanisms we deliver the best-in-class service that gives you peace of mind over your devices and costs.