New Reporting Structure

As announced in February, A1 Telekom Austria Group will change its reporting structure to be fully aligned with América Móvil starting with Q1 2016 results (announcement expected in the week of 25 April 2016).

The key changes to the reporting structure are as follows:

  • Total revenues including OOI: The new "Total revenues" line will include other operating income, which was previously included in EBITDA comparable
  • Switch to cost of sales methodology: Previously OPEX where reported under the cost type approach
  • EBITDA: In the future only a single EBITDA figure ("EBITDA") will be reported. The distinction between "EBITDA comparable" and "EBITDA including effects from restructuring and impairment tests" will no longer exist. Restructuring effects (Segment Austria) will be included in employee expenses and thus will be included in EBITDA.

The document 'Explanations New Reporting' (on the basis of the Analyst Fact Sheet) contains the full structure of new financial statements and the new set of KPIs (including definitions) as well as detailed explanations of the changes.

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