A1 Telekom Austria Group

Annual General Meeting 2021

The A1 Telekom Austria Group will hold its annual general meeting in accordance with the Articles of Association and Austrian stock corporation law. In doing so the company follows the rules of the Austrian Corporate Governance Code.

The Annual General Meeting of Telekom Austria Aktiengesellschaft on May 14, 2021 was held as a “virtual general meeting” as defined by COVID-19-GesV (Federal Law Gazette II No. 140/2020).

The interpretation does not constitute an authentic record of the meeting. The simultaneous interpretation is provided by Telekom Austria AG solely for the purpose of making it easier to follow the Annual General Meeting. The simultaneous interpretation does not constitute a certified translation of the meeting. In the case of differences between the simultaneous interpretation and the original wording of the speech by the respective speaker (or the reviewed written translation of the speech), the original wording shall apply. Use of the interpretation record for purposes other than that stated above is prohibited unless Telekom Austria AG has explicitly granted its approval.

Agenda Item 8 – Resolution on the Remuneration Report