A1 Telekom Austria Group

Supervisory Board

Members and Committees of the Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of the Telekom Austria Group comprises ten members who are elected by the Annual General Meeting, four members who are delegated by the Central Works Council of A1 Telekom Austria AG and one member who is delegated by the Trade Unions of Telekom Austria AG. Employee participation on the Supervisory Board is a legally regulated aspect of the corporate governance system in Austria. The Supervisory Board has set up three committees, which provide effective support by carrying out preparatory work on selected tasks and issues on behalf of the Supervisory Board.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for auditing and preparing the approval of the annual financial statements, auditing the consolidated financial statements, the proposal for the distribution of profit, the Management Report and the Group Management Report as well as the Corporate Governance Report. High priority is also given to monitoring the accounting process, the effectiveness of the internal control system, the internal audit system and the risk management system. It also prepares the selection of the auditor and monitors the independence of the auditor and the auditor of the consolidated accounts, in particular with regard to the performance of additional services. The members of the Audit Committee were Carlos García Moreno Elizondo as Chairperson and Financial Expert, Thomas Schmid (until June 8, 2021), Carlos Jarque, Oscar Von Hauske Solís, Peter Hagen, Peter Kollmann and Gerhard Bayer, Werner Luksch and Alexander Sollak as the employee representative.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is made up of Edith Hlawati as Chairperson, Carlos García Moreno Elizondo as Vice-Chairperson and Oscar Von Hauske Solís. The Remuneration Committee is responsible for concluding contract negotiations with the Management Board and defining the remuneration of the Management Board and it also sets the targets for the calculation of the performance-related bonuses and monitors the achievement of goals.

Personnel and Nomination Committee

The Personnel and Nomination Committee submits proposals to the Supervisory Board for appointments to positions on the Management Board that have become vacant and also deals with questions of succession planning. This Committee comprises Oscar Von Hauske Solís as Chairperson, Carlos García Moreno Elizondo, Edith Hlawati, Carlos Jarque, Alejandro Cantú, Peter Kollmann, Gerhard Bayer, Werner Luksch and Alexander Sollak.

Supervisory Board Members

As of: September 2021