A1 Slovenija – „The Start of Something Amazing“

Si.mobilA1 Slovenija continued to successfully navigate a challenging macroeconomic and fiercely competitive environment by focusing on its multi-brand strategy also in 2014. The company also acquired around 50% of the mobile spectrum auctioned in the frequency auction in April 2014 for EUR 63.9 mn, thereby securing 2 × 10 MHz in the new 800 MHz band and modest gains in the other bands.

In the year under review A1 Slovenija slightly increased its customer base in Slovenia by 0.3% to around 681,500, largely on the back of positive momentum in the no-frills segment. This was accompanied by a further improvement in the proportion of contract customers to 79.4% (2013: 78.0%). Despite this, A1 Slovenija's market share declined slightly from 30.0% in the previous year to 29.2% in 2014 as a result of the aggressive pricing environment.