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Do you want to help us deliver innovative solutions to empower digital life? If you are talented, ambitious and open-minded the A1 Telekom Austria Group will give you the opportunity to fulfil your potential and develop your career within an international, innovative and diverse environment.

We currently operate in eight countries. Visit our local operating companies' websites and LinkedIn profiles to find out more about opportunities in your country. Our common purpose, strategy and culture follows our guiding principle: Empowering digital life. On the one hand, we are providing a state-of-the art network infrastructure, on the other hand we are enriching the digital experience of our customers and society. This is reflected in the way we operate within the A1 Telekom Austria Group. Our Culture is driven by trust, teamwork and an agile way of working within an international background. See for yourself- these are the stories told by our colleagues at the A1 Telekom Austria Group.

Austria - A1 Telekom Austria Group & A1

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Bulgaria - Mobiltel

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Croatia - Vipnet

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Belarus - velcom

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Slovenia - A1 Slovenija

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Republic of Serbia - Vip mobile

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Republic of Macedonia - Vip operator

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Liechtenstein - Telecom Liechtenstein


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Director Group HR
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