A1 Telekom Austria Group


Milestones of Telekom Austria Group


In order to secure and expand its excellent frequency resources, A1 participated in the multiband auction for the 700, 1,500 and 2,100 MHz frequency ranges and acquired spectrum for a total of EUR 65.6 million. A1 thus underlines its leading position and holds about 38% which is the largest share of the total spectrum.

2019 - Spectrum auction in Austria and brand roll-out

The A1 Telekom Austria Group's Austrian subsidiary acquired spectrum for EUR 64.3 mn in the Austrian 3.5 GHz band: depending on the region, 100-140 MHz. The auctioned frequency bands will be used for the new 5G network and capacity expansions of the existing mobile network.

The Belarusian subsidiary of the A1 Telekom Austria Group finalized its local rebranding process and now appears on the market solely under the brand A1. The Group's operating company in North Macedonia announced that its local brand Vip is going to be replaced by A1 in the course of 2019.



2018 - Further steps in the systematic implementation of the Group’s single-brand strategy

Rebranding of the Bulgarian and Croatian subsidiaries to A1 and a brand refresh in Austria. The A1 brand was previously already implemented on the Slovenian market and at A1 Digital as well as in the international corporate brand A1 Telekom Austria Group.

2017 - One-Brand-Strategy & Foundation of A1 Digital

The gradual roll-out of the A1 brand across all of the Group's operations was resolved. In the course of consequently pursuing this one-brand strategy, the Group rebranded its international corporate brand into A1 Telekom Austria Group. Prior to this, the Slovenian company Si.mobil officially took over the A1 product brand.

Foundation of A1 Digital international GmbH as a new company of the A1 Telekom Austria Group. A1 Digital operates in the 7 core markets of the Group as well as in Germany and Switzerland. The company focuses on digital services, accompanying and supporting companies in the process of digitalization.

A1 digital acquired Swiss Cloud provider Exoscale and is now able to offer cloud based services via this platform. Aside from Zurich and Geneva, a point of delivery is also available in Vienna and Frankfurt.

2016 - Belarus Becomes Convergent

As a result of the successful implementation of the convergence strategy, with the acquisition of the fixed-line operator Atlant Telecom and its subsidiary TeleSet in 2016, Belarus became the sixth convergent market.

In Croatia, the acquisition of Metronet strengthened the Group's fixed-line position, especially in the business segment.

In 2016, the A1 Telekom Austria Group also continued its intensified investments in the rollout of its fixed-line as well as mobile broadband infrastructure.

2015 - Infrastructure Programme & Further Steps in Covergence

Expansion of convergence: Acquisition of cable provider Blizoo strengthens fixed-line base in Bulgaria; convergence in Slovenia following acquisition of Amis.

Consolidation in the Republic of Macedonia: Merger of Vip operator and ONE establishes one.Vip as the number one player in the mobile market.

LTE already available in five countries: LTE rollout in the Republic of Serbia: 800 MHz spectrum acquired at minimum price.

Largest infrastructure programme in the company's history: EUR 400 mn for the accelerated fibre rollout in Austria from 2015 to 2018.

2014 – Shareholders' Agreement and Capital Increase

América Móvil through its wholly owned subsidiary Carso Telecom and ÖIAG entered into the Shareholders' Agreement dated April 23, 2014 for a 10 year term, which became effective on June 27, 2014.

In November 2014, a capital increase of approx. EUR 997 million which has increased the number of shares of Telekom Austria Group to 664.5 million has helped to reinforce the company's capital structure and provide enhanced flexibility for M&A transactions.

2013 – Acquisition of YESSS! and frequencies

In January 2013, Telekom Austria Group acquired the mobile operator YESSS!, as well as frequencies, base station sites and certain intellectual property rights owned by Orange Austria.

In October 2013, Telekom Austria Group also acquired an additional frequency spectrum for EUR 1.03 billion.

2012 – América Móvil acquires 22.76% of Telekom Austria Group

As of June 15, 2012, Carso Telecom and América Móvil held 4.96% and 1.7914% of the Shares, respectively. On September 25, 2012 Carso Telecom acquired an additional 16.01% of the Shares.

2011 – Cable Operator in Croatia

In June 2011, A1 Telekom Austria Group acquired B.net, the largest cable operator in Croatia via its subsidiary Vipnet (now A1 Croatia). A1 Telekom Austria Group is therefore able to offer fixed voice, broadband, and TV services within Croatia.

2010 - A1 Telekom Austria

In Austria, the Mobile Communication (mobilkom austria AG) and Fixed Net (Telekom Austria TA AG) segments, have been merged into a new company - A1 Telekom Austria AG – to respond to the global trend towards convergence of fixed net and mobile communication services.

2007 - Expansion and Growth in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe

In July 2007 Vip mobile launched commercial operations only a view months after the aquisition of the licence in the Repuplica of Serbia.

At the end of March 2007 the Telekom Austria Group aquired the third license in the Republic of Macedonia. Onliy six months later Vip operator launchend commercial operations in September 2007.

Telekom Austria Group set a further expansion step with the acquisition of MDC (now velcom) in Belarus in October 2007.

Delisting from New York Stock Exchange
As of May 17, 2007 Telekom Austria delisted on the New York Stock Exchange. It's American Depository Reiceipts (ADR) will continue to trade over-the-counter under a level I ADR Programm starting May 17, 2007.

2006 - Acquisitions in South-Eastern Europe

Si.mobil, the Slovenian mobile subsidiary of the Telekom Austria Group, acqired nationwide UMTS frequences for Slovenia in September.

In November 2006 mobikom austria won the tender for the GSM 900/1800 and the UMTS license for the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

The Telekom Austria Group acqired the operating countries of the integrated operator eTel in December 2006. eTel has operation in Central Eastern Europe.

2005 - Purchase Mobiltel Bulgaria

In July 2005 Telekom Austria AG finalized the aquisition of the Bulgarian mobile communications provider Mobiltel. Mobiltel (now A1 Bulgaria) is the market leader in Bulgaria. This purchase represents further important step in Telekom Austria's expansion to south-eastern Europe.

2004 - Sale of Telecom Italia's shares

Telecom Italia sold 73.9 million shares of Telekom Austria AG.

Following this transaction Telekom Austria's free float rose to 52.8%. ÖIAG held the remaining stake.

mobilkom austria acquired the remaining 1% in its Croatian subsidiary Vipnet tincreasing its stake to 100%.

In December, ÖIAG sold 85 million Telekom Austria shares to institutional investors. Free Float rose to 69.8%.

2002 - Beginning of Telecom Italia's Withdrawal

In June Telekom Austria acquired the 25% stake of Telecom Italia in mobilkom austria.

Telecom Italia sold a total of 75 million Telecom Austria shares in November 2002.

Free Float increase to 38%.

2001 - Entry into the Slovenian market

mobilkom austria acquired a controlling stake in the Slovenian mobile communications provider Si.mobil d.d.

2000 - Expansion of our International Commitment

In July 2000 Telekom Austria took over the Internet service provider Czech On Line a.s in the Czech Republic.

mobilkom liechtenstein AG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of mobilkom austria, started operations in September 2000.

In October 2000 mobilkom austria expanded its international business in Croatia and increased its stake in Vipnet to 61 %.

Telekom Austria's Initial Public Offering
In January 2000 PTBG merged with ÖIAG, an industrial holding wholly-owned by the Republic of Austria.

On November 21, 2000, Telekom Austria stocks were listed for the first time on the Vienna Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The Initial Public Offering of Telekom Austria was Austria's largest capital market transaction. In terms of volume, it was the most important privatization that had ever been carried out in Austria.

1998 - Telekom Austria AG

In 1998 the Austrian telecom market was fully deregulated.

Post- und Telekom Austria AG (PTA AG) was split. The segment telecommunication was transformed into the independent Telekom Austria AG, owend by the PTA AG.

Some months later Telecom Italia acquired 25.001 % of Telekom Austria AG.

1998 mobilkom austria AG founded the Croation mobile communications subsidiary Vipnet d.o.o.

1997 - Sale of Shares to Telecom Italia

As preparation for partial privatization, in April 1997 PTA AG sold 25.001 % of its share capital in mobilkom austria AG to Telecom Italia.

1996 - Formation of Post- and Telekom Austria AG

In 1996 the Austrian Post Restructuring Act was passed. An independent company was created out of the Post- und Telegrafenverwaltung (PTV): Post- und Telekom Austria AG (PTA AG). The entire share capital was held by the Post und Telekommunikationsbeteiligungs-
verwaltungsgesellschaft (PTBG), a holding company wholly-owned by the Republic of Austria.

The PTA AG consisted of telecommunication companies that operated independently (mobilkom austria AG, Datakom GmbH, Highway 194 Internet Vertriebs GmbH) and Post- und Verkehrsdienstleistungen (Post AG).

1887 - K.K Post- und Telegrafenverwaltung

In 1887 all responsibilities for the telephone were integrated in the K.K Post- und Telegrafenverwaltung. Thus, for over 100 years telecommunications was administrated by the state.