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Since the beginning of the year, market participants in Croatia have focused on convergence through attractive hardware offers, reducing the pressure from pricing and discounts. Exclusive sports content remained an important feature within TV propositions with the A1-offering UEFA Champions League football games. In the mobile market, demand for mobile WiFi routers and high-value tariffs remained high throughout the year. With the COVID-19 outbreak, all telecom operators started to offer additional benefits to their customers. In August 2020, A1 launched a new portfolio for mobile and fixed-line customers with increased internet speeds, a new TV proposition as well as new mobile tariffs with unlimited voice, SMS and data. On the regulatory side, the acquisition of Tele2 by United Media was approved in January 2020.

Following the pandemic outbreak, the government announced a first lockdown back in March 2020 and imposed measures such as restrictions on personal movements, border and shop closures as well as various payment relief programs to support businesses. Borders with most of EU countries started to reopen in June, however due to the rising number of new infections around mid-August, foreign governments issued travel warnings that led to an earlier than expected end of the tourism season. At the end of November a new set of lockdown measures including the closing of all hospitality services, a ban on cultural events as well as limitations on private gatherings came into force. On November 30, 2020, the Republic of Croatia issued a decision on restricting the crossing of persons across all borders.

For further information, see Combined Annual Report 2020.