A1 Learning Hub

The A1 Learning Hub, established in 2010, is an in-house corporate university for development and education of employees within A1 Telekom Austria Group.

At A1 Learning Hub, we support a culture of lifelong, self-driven and individual learning in order to create an inspiring working environment, where everyone learns and teaches, acquires and also shares knowledge and skills. We focus on strategic topics of A1 Telekom Austria Group and we drive the digital transformation across the whole Group with the goal of supporting continuous learning throughout the organization and creating a culture of growth.

A unique strength of A1 Telekom Austria Group is our diversity and internationality. This is why one of our main focus points is connected to building a network of the best employees and talents across the Group, encourage an exchange of knowledge, create understanding and enable out-of-the-box thinking.

We bring together different perspectives – internal and external – in order to promote innovation, support processes of change, discuss and spread the word.

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A1 Learning Hub

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Eva Zehetner

Director Group HR
A1 Telekom Austria Group

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