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The Bulgarian segment continued its growth path in 2020, despite some headwinds on the roaming side caused by COVID-19 outbreak and showed a strong development in both the fixed-line and the mobile business. The robust growth in the fixed-line business was driven by high demand for customized corporate solutions, successful upselling activities in the broadband segment as well as more customers acquired due to enriched TV content. The solutions and connectivity business has been a driving force in this segment, and recently introduced security products have started to gain traction in the second half of the year. The total number of revenue-generating units (RGU) increased due to more broadband and TV customers, the latter owing to the strong demand for exclusive TV content featuring sport channels. That also led to a higher ARPL.

In the mobile business, market environment remained stable at the beginning of the year and A1 Bulgaria was successful with its upselling of existing customers supported by higher subsidies. Entering the second half of the year, market dynamics deteriorated slightly amidst the COVID-19 outbreak as imposed travel restrictions weighed negatively on roaming revenues. That caused growth to slow down a bit in that period, before it picked up again in the last quarter of the year. The total number of mobile contract subscribers decreased due to overall market trend of fewer activations. ARPU increased mainly due to above mentioned upselling activities in both residential and business segments.

For further information, see Combined Annual Report 2020.