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A1 Telekom Austria

A1 is market leader in a highly developed ICT market. The company is the only convergent operator in Austria, offering its customers bundled product packages for fixed net, mobile communication, internet and TV.



Mobiltel, a leading communication provider in Bulgaria, consequently executes Telekom Austria Group's convergence strategy. Thus it establishes the basis to enlarge the portfolio with convergent products. The Bulgarian market is characterized by strong competition and intense price erosion.



Following the example of A1, Vipnet offers convergent bundle products in Croatia and thus utilizes all market capabilities. The Croatian ICT market is shaped by intense competition and strong economic headwinds, nevertheless Vipnet is the second largest operator in the market.



As the second largest mobile operator in the country, velcom has been challenged by a difficult economic situation for years. Yet the Belarussian subsidiary reports significant increases in all relevant operating figures and was successful in positioning itself within high-value customer segments.



A convincing pricing and product management over the last years has established Slovenian operator Si.mobil successfully in the market, the company is the second largest operator.


Vip mobile

The Serbian ICT market is characterized by intense competition, with Vip mobile being the third operator. By launching high-value products, the Serbian subsidiary was successful in achieving a significant growth.

Republic of Serbia


The growth potential in the Macedonian market is a significant one, thus one.Vip generated growth from an increasing meaning of modern communication services and applications. Consequently the operator reached a leading position in the market.

Republic of Macedonia

Telecom Liechtenstein

With the merger of Telecom Liechtenstein AG and mobilkom liechtenstein (FL1) both companies form a new convergent market leader that offers mobile and fixed line products in Liechtenstein. Telekom Austria Group holds 24.9 percent of Telecom Liechtenstein.

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