Resource preservation

Mobile Phone RecyclingReduce – Reuse – Recycle is A1 Telekom Austria Group’s motto when it comes to the preservation of resources. Their economical use is not only beneficial to the environment, it also reduces costs. For Telekom Austria Group, resource preservation not only means assuring proper disposal or recycling but also preventing waste wherever possible. After all, “less is more”. Consistent life-cycle management guarantees that technical equipment is used for a maximum amount of its permissible life cycle, re-used in the best possible way or properly recycled.

Internal environmental campaigns heighten the awareness of A1 Telekom Austria Group’s approx. 17,000 employees. The range of A1 Telekom Austria Group’s environmental protection measures stretches from a bundle of measures surrounding the topic of energy savings to environmentally conscious purchasing and respective employee information.

Valuing raw materials: An old mobile phone is a good mobile phone

An old mobile phone contains many valuable and often rare raw materials such as gold, silver, palladium, copper, aluminium, tin or coltan. These valuable resources should not be disposed as hazardous waste but recovered and reused in production using expert recycling processes. After all, 40% of an old mobile phone can be recycled. The reuse of thus recycled raw materials lowers energy and resource consumption in the production of new mobile phones which also yields a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

In order to recycle these valuable resources, almost all of A1 Telekom Austria Group’s subsidiaries – some of them since as early as 2004 – offer people to drop off old devices in collection boxes located in their shops. These old devices are then handed over to specialised recycling companies that check their functionality. Roughly half of all old devices disposed of are fully or at least partly in working order and can be reused after careful checks and, if required, repairs have been performed. Should the mobile phones still contain personal data, it is duly deleted prior to reuse. In the event that an old mobile phone is defective, it is shredded and, depending on fraction, either disposed of or returned to the cycle. Recycling takes place locally in the respective country, whereby proper disposal is assured.

Paper Consumption - Less is more

A1 Telekom Austria Group actively implements measures aimed at making more out of less: Through replacing piles of paper with bits and bytes or optimising packaging systems, it saves natural resources and CO2.

Measures such as the digitalisation of work processes or the procurement of follow-me printers yield reductions in paper volumes in offices. Reducing paper consumption and improving the recycling rate are the two large goals supported by all employees.

Furthermore, all subsidiaries of A1 Telekom Austria Group encourage their customers to switch from printed invoices to online invoices. Thus, the Group steadily reduces its own paper consumption and, in turn, lowers its carbon footprint.

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