Promotion and development


Besides the general further development of expertise, A1 Telekom Austria Group primarily relies on know-how transfer in the form of national and cross-departmental expert networking. Simplified processes and breaking up inflexible internal structures define the framework conditions for these targets.
A1 Telekom Austria Group attaches great importance to implementing a “Management of Competencies”. Thereby, vacant positions are quickly filled with internal know-how carriers in a flexible way. New competences required for digitalisation are thus easier to develop.

The A1 Learning Hub serves as a central development platform within the Group and offers a wide range of solid training and further education programmes. It also provides lively interaction and cross-border networking of employees and a space to learn new things. Founded in 2010, the Group-wide A1 Learning Hub offers, among others, classroom trainings in combination with e-learning, blended learning – a form of learning that combines the advantages of classroom sessions and e-learning – mentoring, coaching and Gamification methods. The latter include the incorporation of playful methods of learning and are predominantly used in combination with e-learning methods.
Austrian subsidiary A1, for instance, offers university graduates a twelve-month graduate programme. The graduate programme Vip.alumni and the Group Talent Management Process were implemented at the Croatian and Bulgarian subsidiaries, respectively. Apart from these cross-border learning and development offerings, A1 Telekom Austria Group’s subsidiaries create local further education programmes for their employees. With the eight-month New Manager Program, A1 Telekom Austria Group furthermore supports young managers who have just recently taken over a management position.


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