Constant Learning

Digitalization and the innovative communications solutions based on it are creating entirely new ways to shape our working and learning worlds.

Collaboration independent of space and time as well as exchange over social networks or knowledge platforms provides enormous potential for developing skills as well as promoting the productivity and attractiveness of the working environment as a whole. Accordingly, A1 Telekom Austria Group is increasingly using the Group’s social media platform ‘Workplace’. This encourages cross-divisional cooperation within international project groups and virtual teams as well as the transfer of expertise within the Group.

Constant learning plays a key role for the A1 Telekom Austria Group in pursuing its corporate strategy, and was a strategic focus topic in 2018. Through its “A1 Learning Hub”, the Group therefore provided digital learning content on topics that change monthly, such as “Internet of Things (IoT)” or “Cyber Security”. The wide range of material available on the groupwide e-learning platform shows how much digital learning is fostered and promoted within the A1 Telekom Austria Group. This platform currently comprises 15 learning providers and 1,920 online courses and virtual classes.


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Petra Gallaun

Irene Perl

Head of CSR
A1 Telekom Austria Group