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Sustainable procurement

The sustainability of business activity is not just represented in the immediate ecological and social effects of one's own business processes. In an increasingly linked world, they are also increasingly responsible for how their suppliers and business partners act. Also when it comes to its suppliers, A1 Telekom Austria Group increasingly monitors compliance with ecological and social principles.

In the business year 2012, A1 Telekom Austria Group has started a project aimed at promoting sustainability in procurement processes. Aspects of responsible conduct were integrated into the operative subsidiaries’ general purchasing conditions and the framework agreements for Group-wide procurement. A1 Telekom Austria Group’s  Code of Conduct suppliers with an orientational framework for fair and moral conduct. The worker protection requirements according to the International Labour Organization (ILO) were incorporated into the Code of Conduct, the general purchasing conditions and in all framework agreements concluded with suppliers.

Careful examination

Aspects of sustainability also play an important role in the context of calls for tenders. Apart from the energy efficiency of its products, A1 Telekom Austria Group pays attention to criteria such as ingredients, recyclability or environmentally relevant certificates and labellings such as ISO certification or entries into the EMAS register. The Group also employs sustainable procurement methods to optimise processes, reduce energy consumption to save resources and thus, costs. By working closer with suppliers, A1 Telekom Austria Group even implements product innovations. The Group reserves the right to audit potential and existing suppliers and their products.

Success to be proud of

A1 Austria, A1 Telekom Austria Group’s largest subsidiary, has already achieved several goals on the path to sustainable procurement. It has defined behavioural guidelines for suppliers and further developed its environmental and social criteria for regular vendor rating of large suppliers. The Austrian subsidiary A1 has expanded its supplier self-disclosure by social and ecological topics. It furthermore developed and implemented criteria of sustainability for certain tender categories.

2014 was an important step in the implementation of a sustainable supply chain: A1 – as the first communications provider in Austria – operates its network in an entirely carbon-neutral way. In the framework of the initiative carbon neutral network A1 has reduced its own energy consumption in a targeted manner and only uses power from sources of renewable energy.

When it comes to selecting new suppliers, aspects of sustainability are decisive in the procurement of new vehicles and office supplies. Increased energy efficiency, resource preservation and regional value creation are also given high priority when staging events: Thus, many internal and external events have already been certified as green meetings, green events or carbon-neutral events.

A1 has reduced its own energy consumption in a targeted manner and only uses power from sources of renewable energy.

When purchasing office supplies or new vehicles the A1 Telekom Austria Group chooses suppliers that value sustainable solutions. And at events the Group places high value on increased energy efficiency, resource conservation and regional value. Many of the A1 Telekom Austria Group's internal and external events have already been certificated as Green Meetings, Green Events or carbon neutral events – including the annual general meeting in 2014 and the future.talk events in 2013 and 2014.

Information on the General Purchasing Conditions of A1 can be found here.

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