Sustainability management & structure

In 2010, A1 Telekom Austria Group has created a Group-wide, integrated sustainability management that incorporates the most important aspects of its value creation chain. Spearheaded by CEO Thomas Arnoldner, the Group’s top management commits and fully supports sustainability.

The sustainability strategy is implemented locally in the subsidiaries. CSR officers in all countries constantly communicate with the individual specialist departments and sensitise employees. Events raise awareness among employees and sustainable measures are worked out together.

Established management systems help systematically implement the planned measures. These measures range from certified environmental and energy management systems to a certified compliance management system. Moral conduct as well as lawful and compliant corporate leadership are assured by the compulsory Code of Conduct. In its ethical conduct, A1 Telekom Austria Group follows the principles of the UN Global Compact, the world’s most important initiative on CSR and sustainable development. 



Successful management requires clearly defined roles. A1 Telekom Austria Group has given its sustainability activities a clear framework.

Managing Sustainability

Management Board as the Patron

The principal and patron of the sustainability agenda is the CEO Thomas Arnoldner, supported by COO Alejandro Plater and CFO Siegfried Mayrhofer.

Corporate Sustainibility Team                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A Corporate Sustainability Team, as part of Group Communications an Sustainability, reports directly to the CEO. This team manages and coordinates the implementation of the sustainability strategy in collaboration with the respective person responsible at the subsidiaries. Its cross-national approach guarantees compliance with the superordinate Group goals. At the same time, it creates the organisational structure that yields the required flexibility to take into account regional features.

Organisational Structure of the Sustainability Management
Organisational Structure of the Sustainability Management


Management Systems

In its sustainable activities, A1 Telekom Austria Group follows internal and external framework conditions and specifications. Internal management systems make sure that these are adhered to. Thus, planned measures can be implemented systematically and improvement potential can be brought to the surface. A1 Telekom Austria Group regularly – and successfully – has its management systems certified.

Certified Standards

Environmental management
In terms of climate and environmental protection, A1 Telekom Austria Group’s Group-wide environmental policy provides a clear direction. With international environmental management systems such as ISO 14001, ISO 50001 or EMAS, the Group makes sure that all environmental agendas are recorded and that planned measures are systematically implemented and continuously improved.

The individual subsidiaries’ sustainability departments are thereby taking control. Measured by the number of employees, at the end of 2015, some 57 % of all corporate units have been certified in accordance with an environmental management system.

Compliance management
Honest, fair and transparent operation is an important part of A1 Telekom Austria Group's corporate culture. To live up to these standards of integrity, the Group utilises an compliance management system.

Regular communication measures and trainings, a help desk as well as audits and an anonymous whistle blowing platform further boost the compliance management system’s effectiveness.  The A1 Telekom Austria Group’s compliance management system complies with internationally recognized standards such as IDW PS 980, ISO 19600, and ISO 37001.

Risk management
In order to bring opportunities and risks to the surface, they are evaluated by sustainability experts and subsequently analysed by the respective specialist departments at A1 Telekom Austria Group using its risk management system. The risk management assesses the company’s general risk situation and sets appropriate steps to minimise risks. You can find a detailed outline of the risk management as well as the risks that were identified as substantial in the status report as well as in the appendix to the financial statement as part of the Combined Annual Report 2018.

Tested successfully: certified management systems
Quality and high standards in terms of products, services and IT systems significantly contribute to maintaining the Group’s success. All of A1 Telekom Austria Group’s activities meet the standards and norms habitually applied by the industry or even exceed them.

A1 Telekom Austria Group
• Compliance Management System certified in accordance with IDW PS 980, ISO 19600 and ISO 37001

• ISO 14001 for Environmental Management
• ISO 50001 for Energy Management
• ISO 27001 for Information Security Management
• ISO 9001 for Quality Management (Technical Infrastructure / Facility Management)
• ISO 20000 for IT-Service-Management
• ÖNORM EN 15838:2009 for customer contact centres
• Datacenter Star Audit: ECO DCSA 3.0
• EMAS for Environmental Management

• ISO 27001 for Information Security Management
• ISO 20000 for IT-Service-Management

• ISO 27001 for Information Security Management

• ISO 14001 for Environmental Management     
• ISO 27001 for Information Security Management
• EMAS for Environmental Management

Republic of Serbia
• ISO 14001 for Environmental Management

Republic of North Macedonia
• ISO 14001 for Environmental Management
• ISO 27001 for Information Security Management
• ISO 20000 for IT-Service-Management


Code of Conduct

Behaving with integrity and responsibility is a fundamental part of the A1 Telekom Austria Group's corporate culture. The Group doesn't just focus on achieving its business goals, it also pays attention to how it achieves them. Customers, business partners, shareholders, creditors, the public and, not least of all, the employees of the A1 Telekom Austria Group expect that the Group behaves with integrity in its business relationships and in its dealings with one another.

Honest, fair and transparent

The A1 Telekom Austria Group has committed itself to a Code of Conduct which sets out guidelines and principles intended to ensure integrity and corporate management in compliance with the law and all relevant regulations as the basis for all of its activities. The group wide conduct has been reworked in 2017 and adjusted to the new guiding principles.

The Code of Conduct is binding for all employees and for the entire A1 Telekom Austria Group management. The Code of Conduct contains guidelines on topics with special relevance for the company, for example, fighting corruption, anti-trust laws and avoiding conflicts of interest. However, it will only have a positive effect if the A1 Telekom Austria Group puts it into practice with conviction in its everyday business dealings. Processes and controls ensure that the corporate value of integrity is a natural part of the Group's daily work.

The binding Code of Conduct is available to all employees and the public online in the respective local language at all times.

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