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Sustainability management

In 2010, A1 Telekom Austria Group has created a group-wide, integrated sustainability management that incorporates the most important aspects of its value creation chain. Spearheaded by CEO Thomas Arnoldner, the Group’s top management commits and fully supports sustainability.

The sustainability strategy is implemented locally in the subsidiaries. CSR officers in all countries constantly communicate with the individual specialist departments and sensitise employees. Events raise awareness among employees and sustainable measures are worked out together.

Established management systems help systematically implement the planned measures. These measures range from certified environmental and energy management systems to a certified compliance management system. Moral conduct as well as lawful and compliant corporate leadership are assured by the compulsory Code of Conduct. In its ethical conduct, A1 Telekom Austria Group follows the principles of the UN Global Compact, the world’s most important initiative on CSR and sustainable development. 

Furthermore, the environmental policy, which applies to the entire Group, allows A1 Telekom Austria Group subsidiaries to implement, control and continuously improve activities surrounding environmental and climate protection. With the help of a green electricity strategy, the company is seeking to continuously increase the proportion of electricity generated from renewable energy sources.


Successful management requires clearly defined roles. A1 Telekom Austria Group has given its ESG activities a clear framework.

The principal and patron of the sustainability agenda is the CEO Thomas Arnoldner, supported by COO Alejandro Plater and CFO Siegfried Mayrhofer.

An ESG Team reports directly to the CEO, who holds the highest level of responsibility on ESG related decisions. This team manages and coordinates the implementation of the ESG strategy in collaboration with the respective person responsible at the subsidiaries. Its cross-national approach guarantees compliance with the superordinate Group goals. At the same time, it creates the organizational structure that yields the required flexibility to take into account regional features.

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