Social Responsibility

GesellschaftIt is of special interest to A1 Telekom Austria Group to make sure everybody, regardless of age, gender, social, regional, cultural or ethic orogin has access to information, knowledge and education. Using dedicated initiatives, A1 Telekom Austria Group contributes to accompanying people in different stages of life and age on their way into digital world. The aim is to make a clear and active contributeion to closing the "digital divide" and to promote competent and sage Internet use by children and adolescents. In addition, all members of A1 Telekom Austria Group are active in local social partnerships.


Closing the digital divide
The A1 Telekom Austria Group sees it as its resposibility to not only accelerate the expansion of its broadband infrastructure but also to reduse the "digital divide" and to promote competent and safe Internet use by means of its Group-wide media competence initiative "A1 Internet for All".
Media Literacy Initiatives in the Telekom Austria Group Markets

Children and Youth Media Protection
Being "digital natives", today's children and adolescents regard mobile phones and the Internet as matter-of-act parts of their daily lives. A1 Telekom Austria Group's subsidiaries are commited to making sure children and adolescents learn how to safely use thes new media and incorporate them into their daily lives in a meaningful manner.
Media Protection for Children and Young People

Local Social Commitment
Social commitment has a long tradition in all of A1 Telekom Austria Group's countries and is individually tailored to local requirements. This is not only reflected in social partnerships and initiatives but also in the active involvment of employees and their families.
Social Commitment

Products with Social Value Added
Innovative information and communication technology and the associated products and services can contribute significantly to social developement. They allow for equal opportunities regarding access to information and knowledge, participation in the democratic process as well to modern education and healthcare systems.
Products with Social Value

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