Local Social Commitment

A1 Telekom Austria Group's social commitment has a long tradition in all its countries of operation. Following the motto of "together into a liveable, more just and environmentally friendly future", the subsidiaries implement additional social projects and programs. Thes meet local requirements and involve local communities. Often times, thes programs are supported by A1 Telekom Austria Group employees in the framework of corporate volunteering.

Support for Social Initiatives

In Austria, A1 supports the charity "Licht ins Dunkel", which helps children with special needs and their parents.

A1 in Bulgaria supports the "Generation with a Future" program which comprises four pillars: "Foster the Future", cares for neglected children,  "Education with a Future" promotes children's education and talents, "Athletes with a Future" is committed to promoting the sporting aspirations of young people and "Environmental Youth Developement"  helps raising awareness for children and adolescents in environmental fields.

Croatia: "Do The Right Thing" www.cinipravustvar.hr, a unique social network bringing people that are willing to provide support together. It raises awareness for a particular topic or brings people together that need support. The Croatian subsidiary uses their expert knowledge on communication and technology. Through raising awareness for various social topics makes support possible.
The Croatian subsidiary also, organizes education workshops for NGOs and social companies to teach them how to develop communication and IT skills in campaigns.

Belarus: The subisdiary of Belarus put its focus on supporting people with hearing disabilities in the form of hearing aids, special smart phones and tablets. Furthermore, paediatric wards are supported in the framework of the "It's so easy to do good things" program. Partnering with the National History Museum of Belarus, the “Museum for Kids Together with velcom” focusses on passing on and preserving the cultural heritag of Belarus. Thereby, the company modernised the technical equipment in all showrooms to, above all, attract the interest of young visitors.

A1 in Slovenia supports the “Art with a Bigger Purpose” Project. The project - spearheaded by the NGO Nordic Art Initiative, aims at creating an encouraging and comforting environment for the youngest patients at the Pediatric Clinic in Ljubljana. As one of the partner's projects A1 Slovenija sponsored the original mural The Seasons (Letni časi), which uses an innovative approach in tying together the analog and digital worlds. This work by two Hungarian artists (Fat Heat and Bea Pantya) comes to life in front of children's eyes with the help of a special app. This is the first augmented reality mural in Slovenia.

Republic of Macedonia: Following the motto "Because we care", the macedonian subsidiary regulary supports people in need. Voluntary measures implemented by employees mainly focus on socially responsible activities. Thus, its employees donate food, clothes, books, articles of hygiene and toys to socially disadvantaged people.

Employee Volunteering

As part of the cook2help project run in cooperation with Caritas Austria, A1 staff throughout Austria cook for a good cause. Volunteers go to institutions that help, for example, the deprived and homeless, young drug addicts, underage refugees or children with disabilities.

Within the framework of the media literacy initiative "A1 Internet for All" in Austria employees accompany children and adults on their journey through the Internet. From apprentices to board members: Everyone who works at A1 is called upon to spend one day a year helping out at an "A1 Internet for All" workshop.

Since 2014 the employees of Croatia are encouraged to do voluntary work as part of its social responsibility program "Do the right thing". Members of staff can choose a type of voluntary work from among the many listed in the local Intranet and then register online. The company subsequently coordinates the arrangements with the local NGOs. Activities range from work with children and the elderly to educational and environmental activities. 

At A1 in Slovenia, employees have supported the "Senior hours" and "A1 Slovenija data hours" workshops to promote digital skills among the elderly.

In 2017 in the subsidiary of the Republic of Serbia supported the national program “Battle for knowledge” and donated robots which are intended for teaching the basics of programing to elementary school children. The company donated robots for 30 schools and supported the organization of two competitions in robotics for children.

In contrast to Slovenia and the Republic of Serbia, the subsidiary of the Republic of Macedonia has put the focus on helping children to use the Internet safely. The workshops are actively supported by the company's employees.


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