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Beeing "digital natives" today's children and adolescents - contrary to many grown-ups - regard mobile phones and the Internet as matter-of-fact parts of their daily lives. Surfing the Internet, listening to music, taking and sending pictures or WhatsApp messages and networking are exciting and entertaining for them. However, it is important in this context, to always have eye on the cost side. All of A1 Telekom Austria Group's companies therefore offer special cost-monitoring tools. In Austria, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Croatia there are free apps for cost-monitoring increasing security for children and adolescents. Knowledge on properly using and behaving on the Internet is indispensable in our day and age.

That's why all of A1 Telekom Austria Group's companies are commited to making sure that children and adolescents learn how to incorporate the new media into their daily lives in a meaningful way. Grown-ups - despite beeing digital immigrants - are responsible for preparing their children for the future, for providing the best possible framework conditions for their developement and to secure them a place in the digital society.

What's particularly important in this context is to accompany those children, whose parents cannot offer them this kind of support for different reasons. Committed parents are invited to attend informational events titled "My Child safe on the Internet" regulary held by Austrian subsidiary A1. Internet experts and media pedagogues thereby introduce parents to the latest trends and problems of Internet use.

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Petra Gallaun

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