Promotion of innovation

A1 Telekom Austria Group constantly strives to focus on new developments and possibilities and reorganise the innovation landscape, both on local and regional levels. This allows for a significant improvement of the users’ experience and their expectations, which means that more efficient, cheaper and energy-saving solutions can be introduced to the market.

A1 Telekom Austria Group strives to become one of the leading telecommunication providers. Synergies across the entire corporation are utilised in a targeted manner. The Group invests in innovative technologies and competences, to sustainably secure its infrastructure leadership – always in tune with the responsibilities, it assumes through the services it offers to both the economy and society.

Start-Up initiatives

Providing impetus for innovation in its markets and making those innovations available to a wider audience is one of the A1 Telekom Austria Group's general objectives. In order to implement its plans, the Group promotes and supports entrepreneurs and Start-Ups on its markets.

Thus, Austrian A1, for instance, in addition to A1 expert know-how, has been providing Start-Ups with a roof over their heads and modern ICT infrastructure at the A1 Start-Up Campus since 2015. In the coming years, this commitment is supposed to be expanded in the Group’s other subsidiaries, too.

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Petra Gallaun

Irene Jakobi

Head of CSR
A1 Telekom Austria Group