Products with Social Value Added

Innovative information and communication technologiy and the associated products and services can dontribute significantly to social developement. They allow for equal opportunities regarding access to information and knowledge, participation in the democratic process as well as to modern education and healthcare systems.




In a society in which people are progressively ageing, health is naturally of paramount importance. E-health solutions are the future of the healthcare system in many areas.

 In Austria, A1 already enables a “Medical Data Network” and provides infrastructure for large parts of the Austrian e-card system.
The “Medical Data Network” connects doctors, hospitals, laboratories and other health care institutions with each other. The multimedia hospital bed, also known as the “e-care terminal”, adds variety to a hospital stay with several services and assists in nursing staff’s work processes.


Information and communication technologies also play an important role in public administration affairs. E-Government solutions cut distances and facilitate communication between citizens and authorities. Electronic archives and digital signature systems such that offered by A1 Slovenija significantly reduce bureaucracy. They also support people with disabilities and give patients and the elderly access to better quality care, improved safety and individual support.

Already since 2014, A1 in Austria has been offering its customers the option of activating the “Handy-Signatur” in the A1 Shops free of charge. Thanks to the free mobile phone signature more than 100 official routes can be solved safely and conveniently.

Products with Social Value Added


Special Tariffs
Digitalisation can also make daily life easier for socially deprived or physically impaired people. New information and communication technologies have the capacity to help blind or severely visually impaired people, for example, to integrate into the general education system — even without the use of Braille.

A1 Croatia also provides mobile phones featuring larger displays or simplified menu navigation for visually impaired people. SMS and chat messaging are useful for hearing-impaired people, on the other hand.

This is why in Belarus special rates to people with impaired hearing are offered, while in Slovenia special tariffs for blind and deaf people including data allowances (unlimited voice calls and text messages) are offered.

Online audio book for children
A1 in Slovenia have recorded more than 100 fairy tales with seniors and published them on a Slovenian website. Fairy tales can be listen free of charge by children, their parents and grandparents. About 200,000 listeners visit the site in one year.

In the Republic of Serbia vip mobile had a project called “Mastalice” which are audio stories for children. The idea was to create stories which are written with help of children who initiated topics on workshops held in kindergardens and choose the end of stories when they were written. 10 stories were produced. The stories are read by famous Serbian actors and posted on special website.

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