Products with Social Value

Innovative information and communication technologiy and the associated products and services can dontribute significantly to social developement. They allow for equal opportunities regarding access to information and knowledge, participation in the democratic process as well as to modern education and healthcare systems.




A1 Telekom Austria Group continuously develops services and applications aimed at making life more comfortable by cutting down on wating times and distances. A1 Telekom Austria Group's subsidiaries are already implementing various projects in the fields of healthcare and education. The Group has the right healthcare services. E-card service, e-care terminal, waiting room TV or pharmacy network: The healthcare sector is becoming more and more important. A1 Telekom Austria Group's highly secure infrastructure forms the basis for integrated patient care.

In Austria, for instance, subsidiary A1's Medical Data Network (DaMe) links hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare institutions by means of a dedicated and specially secure network. A one-time text message service initiated by Bulgaria's A1 Bulgaria reminds patients of doctor's and vaccination appointments and shows completed test results.To support diabetics with monitoring their blood sugar levels, Slovenaian subsidiary helps them with monitoring their blood sugar levels with the app "Vem, kaj jem" (I know what I eat).


Information and communication technologies also play an important role in public administration affairs. E-government solutions cut distances and facilitate communication between citizens and authorities. Electronic archives and digital signature systems such that offered by Si.mobil in Slovenia significantly reduce bureaucracy. They also support people with disabilities and give patients and the elderly access to better quality care, improved safety and individual support.

Products and Tariffs for Special Needs

A society's rate of developement is not least reflected in the way it deals with its weaker members. A1 Telekom Austria Group's subsidiaries tailor their product portfolio to this in various ways.

New technologies make it easier for socially disadvantaged or physically handicapped people to master their daily lives. Tailored offers for seniors and people with special needs ranging from discounts for socially disadvantaged people to increased text messages and/or data volumes are offered by all subsidiaries. Si.mobil, for instance, offers a special rate for seniors, special mobile phones with larger displays and simplified operation for visually impaired people and discounts for socially disandvanted people.

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