A1 Telekom Austria Group

Memberships and initiatives

Memberships and cooperations allow the Telekom Austria Group to broaden its horizons, operate best practice sharing and to change together. The Group therefore plays an active role in a host of local and cross-border platforms and initiatives that promote sustainability.


A1 Telekom Austria Group

  • 5GAA - 5G Automotive Association e.V. (since 2018)
  • Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance (since 2014)
  • UN Global Compact (since 2012)
  • respACT (since 2008)
  • ETNO (since 1996)
  • GSM Memorandum of Understanding (GSM MoU, since 1988)
  • Diversity Charter (since 2016) 

A1 Telekom Austria

  • UN Global Compact (since 2012)
  • Code of Conduct on Data Centres Energy Efficiency (since 2009)
  • respACT (since 2008)


A1 Bulgaria

  • UN Global Compact (since 2014)
  • Bulgarian Red Cross (since 2010)
  • Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation (since 2009)
  • Bulgarian Donors' Forum (since 2009)
  • CSR Academy (since 2008)


A1 Croatia

  • UN Global Compact (since 2007)


A1 Slovenia

  • Founder of the independent Si.voda Fund (since 2009)
  • UN Global Compact (since 2008)
  • Forum EMS (since 2008)
  • Green Network (since 2001)


A1 Serbia

  • UN Global Compact (since 2008)
  • Co-founder of the Business Leaders Forum Serbia, the first alliance of socially responsible companies in the Republic of Serbia (since 2008)


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