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Data SecurityThose who participate in digital life must be able to rely on their data being kept safe. To avert attacks on sensitive data or to prevent them from happening in the first place, A1 Telekom Austria Group, in all its subsidiaries, takes diverse steps to protect information and data.
Data protection is a top priority: An Information Security Policy particularly designed for this purpose and its supplementary Information Security Standards apply across the Group and are complemented by local regulations in the individual countries. A1 Telekom Austria Group furthermore commits to the EU’s Cyber Security Plan for an open and free Internet full of opportunities. Officers have been appointed in all subsidiaries that manage informational security in accordance with ISO 27001 standards, the subsidiaries A1 Austria, A1 Bulgaria and A1 Croatia are even certified. In mid-2013, Austrian subsidiary A1 created the Data Privacy Section, led by the Group Compliance Officer. A1 is furthermore active on the Chancellor’s Office’s cyber security platform and the Cyber Security Forum of Kuratorium Sicheres Österreich. Thus, it works to increase cyber security in Austria in collaboration with representatives of other critical organisations.

The company works continuously and systematically on achiev¬ing further optimization in these areas in order, for instance, to effectively counteract attacks on databases such as the one in Austria in early October 2018. In this particular example, the server concerned was removed from the network immedi-ately and access to it was blocked. Passwords were reset as a precaution and customers were informed in writing. A1 cooperated fully with the data protection authorities regarding this incident.


A1 Telekom Austria Group assumes responsibility for the protection of personal information and data and immediately clarifies outstanding questions and issues. To provide customers with clear information on their data’s use, information on duration of storage and type of stored data is part of A1 Telekom Austria Group’s customer agreements. Customer portals and websites make further information available.

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