Climate-friendly mobility

Continuous extension, quality assurance and maintenance in the area of network infrastructure as well as customer service require a correspondingly high level of mobility from A1 Telekom Austria Group's employees.

In 2018, A1 Telekom Austria Group employees drove around 105 million kilometers in approximately 5,100 vehicles – mainly for maintenance and network roll-out, quality assurance and customer service.

Virtual meeting

VideoconferenceVirtual meetings and mobile working arrangements, such as those of the A1 Telekom Austria Group, can help to reduce mileage - not only within the company, but also the employees' private environmental footprint.

When equipping their conference rooms, A1 Telekom Austria Group’s subsidiaries rely on the “high-end video conference solution” which can be connected to video conference systems all over the world. These rooms’ offerings are constantly broadened. From year to year, the opportunity to use virtual meetings becomes more popular with A1 Telekom Austria Group’s employees and increasingly replaces business trips.

Alternative drive technology in the fleet

Mobility is a must at A1 Telekom Austria Group. The constant expansion and maintenance of its network infrastructure as well as assuring its quality require a high level of mobility from its employees.
For this purpose, A1 Telekom Austria Group’s employees can use a fleet of a total of 5,100 vehicles of different types.

Besides conventionally powered vehicles, the Group’s subsidiaries in Austria, Croatia, the republic of Serbia and the republic of Nord-Macedonia also use natural gas-, electric- and hybrid-powered vehicles.

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