Environment IdeaEver increasing data traffic results in a rise in energy use. This energy consumption represents A1 Telekom Austria Group’s most significant environmental impact. This is why A1 Telekom Austria Group relies on reducing its consumption, increasing its energy efficiency and utilising sources of renewable energy. The A1 Telekom Austria Group has been able to steadily increase energy efficiency in recent years.

Energy-efficient technology and intelligent cooling methods


The A1 Telekom Austria Group aims at optimising its energy efficiency despite steadily increasing data traffic. The cooling of technical equipment in data centres consumes large amounts of power but is at the same time indispensable for fail-safe operation. A stable operating temperature in data centers is an important prerequisite.

In this area, innovative cooling concepts (cold aisle containment, hot-spot extraction, hybrid ventilation systems, heat recovery systems) can be used to reduce power demand by up to 75 % compared to conventional cooling systems.

The gradual increase of permissible room temperatures in mobile communication base stations across the Group also saves electricity. At the A1 Telekom Austria Groups subsidiaries average temperature is steadily increased from 22° C to 29° C. As a result, less cooling power is needed, which has led to a saving of electricity.

RAN (Radio Access Network)

Applying the latest RAN (Radio Access Network) equipment in A1 Telekom Austria Group’s subsidiaries not only guarantees best quality of service but also aims to achieve energy efficiency. This is why old 2G and 3G equipment is renewed when rolling out LTE.

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