Involvement and dialogue

Under the moniker TAGisfaction, A1 Telekom Austria Group conducted a Group-wide employee survey for the first time in 2012. In the framework of TAGisfaction, employees use an online survey to regularly (bi-annually) and in their native language comment on their commitment, the extent to which they identify with the company as well as strategy and career development by means of five-tier scale. The survey is evaluated in collaboration with a market research institute which guarantees an independent and neutral evaluation.

The results of TAGisfaction are particularly incorporated into leadership requirements, human resources work, strategy planning and implementation as well as employee communications. The most recent survey took place in 2016.

Informing, involving and contributing

A1 Telekom Austria Group informs its employees about corporate news and industry trends via different communication channels such as its Intranet, newsletters, employee magazines and social media platforms. A regular roadshow with the members of A1 Telekom Austria Group’s Board aimed at communicating the company’s strategy and current plans provides a regular highlight. Adding to this are Management Meetings held four times a year and attended by 200 management staff as well as quarterly live TV shows with chat function for all Telekom Austria Group employees.

Additionally, all employees are given the chance to participate in the company’s development. In the framework of Group-wide as well as local idea competitions and knowledge platforms, employees have the chance to present ideas or improvement suggestions and possibly even implement them in coordination with the respective specialist department. Exchange of ideas and experiences among employees as well as their identifying with the company are also promoted by means of various corporate volunteering programmes.

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Petra Gallaun

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