A1 Telekom Austria Group

Privacy Policy

Policy active as of 23 Mar 2021

About this document
This privacy policy describes information that A1 Telekom Austria Group, and its affiliates (collectively, “A1”) collect, use, share, and store, including personal information.
If you use other service besides the app (like subscription services, or a SIM card for your Smart-Home Gateway) please also refer to other entries at https://www.a1.group/en/meta/smarthome

We pledge to:

  1. Be transparent about how we collect, use and store your data.
  2. Ask your permission before we share your data with third parties, and to only share your data when it benefits you as a customer.
  3. Use the best available security practices and tools to protect your data.

By using A1 Smart-Home Solution, you agree to allow us to collect and process information as described below.

What data we collect

Smart-Home Platform

The Smart-Home Platform encompasses all the Smart-Home services, except the handling of customer data only relevant for add-on subscriptions or on-top connectivity services (SIM-cards) which are not part of app-usage and described at https://www.a1.group/en/meta/smarthome .

The Smart-Home platform collects:

  • Information when you register as a customer. When you first buy an A1 Smart-Home product, you will be asked to enter information such as your name, telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Information during setup: When you install an A1 Smart-Home product, you’ll be asked several questions in order to help us create an initial setup for your home. For example, we’ll ask questions like how your home is heated. We’ll also ask for your address to set up geopositioning and to access the correct weather data.
  • Sensor data and state from smart home equipment in the home: We collect data from the sensors and actuators you install. These sensors collect data such as current temperature, motion, ambient light, and other states in the room. This helps the solution save energy, control lights and devices and keep your home safe. The plattform will also collect data on the state of devices, for instance if they are on or off.
  • Camera images and video from your connected cameras: When you use the recording or streaming features of your Smart-Home solution, we may record and process video and/or audio recordings from the device, depending on how you have set it up. This may include recording and providing you with portions of this data as part of a notification or analyzing the data to identify motion or other events. We may analyse information from your camera to let us send you alerts when something happens. In addition, if you have the recording features enabled, we will capture, process and store video and audio data recordings from your device for the length of your recording subscription period (for example, 7 or 30 days) and you will be able to access those recordings using Viva during that time. Using camera features requires explicit additional consent on your part to be enabled
  • Technical data from your Smart-Home gateway. This is collected for diagnostic purposes, and may include logs and error messages.
  • Data entered by you in the app: Data you enter into the app, for instance temperature target level or the name of a room, are collected by the Smart-Home platform to perform the functionality required.
  • GPS data from your phone: The plattform collects GPS data from your phone to enable the system to determine if you are home or away from the home and to have your home react accordingly. The plattform stores this data as distance from your home. It  does not  by default collect detailed latitude/longitude data, but may, by permission of the user, turn this on to help troubleshoot the system.
  • IP addresses, log data and other diagnostic data. This is logged for diagnostic and security purposes.

How we use your data

The information we collect is used to provide, develop and improve the Smart-Home platform and services, including information necessary to improve our products, safety features, or energy use. We or our partners may use your contact details to send you this information, or to ask you to participate in surveys about your Smart-home use.

We may also use this information in an aggregated, non-identified form for research purposes and to help us make decisions on the direction of sales, marketing, and business processes.

We may use service providers to perform some of these functions. Those service providers are restricted from sharing your information for any other purpose.

We use industry-standard methods to keep this information safe and secure while it is transmitted over your home network and through the Internet to our servers. Depending on your location and type of data, A1 may process your personal information on servers that are not in your home country.

Data sharing

A1 does not share personal information for any commercial or marketing purpose unrelated to the delivery of A1 products and services without asking you first.
The following are the limited situations where we may share personal information:

  • With your explicit consent: We may share personal information when we have your consent. One example of this would be if you sign up for additional programs offered by us or our partners. If you do this, we may share certain information with the partner. This could include things like the status of your device and aggregated information. Similarly, when you connect third-party devices and services to your Smart-Home system, these systems may require us to share information for them to operate correctly, for instance, sharing your preferred temperature with a third party thermostat.
  • For external processing: We have vendors, service providers, and partners who may help with some of our processing and storage, including customer support services at our partners. They may also assist with monitoring our servers for technical problems.   These vendors (as well as our employees) can access certain information about you or your account in line with this work but they are not allowed to use this data for purposes unrelated to the Smart-Home product. We also have strict policies and technical barriers in place to prevent unauthorized access to video and image data.
  • As part of business transitions: Upon the sale or transfer of the company and/or all or part of its assets, your personal information may be among the items sold or transferred. We will request a purchaser to treat our data under the privacy statement in place at the time of its collection.
  • For legal reasons: We may provide information to a third party if we believe in good faith that we are required to do so for legal reasons. For example, to respond to legal process, or comply with EU law.
  • We may share non-personal information (for example, aggregated or anonymized customer data) publicly and with our partners. For example, we may publish research on energy use or behavioural patterns in the home. This information may also be shared with other users to help them better understand their energy usage compared to other with similar setups, raise awareness about safety issues, or help us generally improve our system. We may also share non-personal information with our partners, for instance if they are interested in offering other services on the platform. We take steps to keep this non-personal information from being associated with you and we require our partners to do the same.
  • Your personal information may be collected, processed and stored by A1 or its service providers within the European Union, the EEA, or locations covered by EU privacy regulations. As a result, your personal information may be subject to legal requirements, including lawful requirements to disclose personal information to government authorities, in those jurisdictions.

How long we store your information

A1  generally stores your personal information  for six months, or for as long as you remain a customer. After six months, the data is anonymised and aggregated to be used for analysis.